CiT Pro Lightning 120mm Three-Sided Infinity ARGB White 3pin PC Cooling Fan

CiT Pro Lightning 120mm Three-Sided Infinity ARGB White 3pin PC Cooling Fan
CiT Pro Lightning 120mm Three-Sided Infinity ARGB White 3pin PC Cooling FanCiT Pro Lightning 120mm Three-Sided Infinity ARGB White 3pin PC Cooling FanCiT Pro Lightning 120mm Three-Sided Infinity ARGB White 3pin PC Cooling FanCiT Pro Lightning 120mm Three-Sided Infinity ARGB White 3pin PC Cooling Fan
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Introducing a new look to PC fans, the CiT Pro Lightning Infinity ARGB fans are the latest generation in cooling fans.

Keeping your system’s functionality running smooth, with 22 superb ARGB LEDs this fan is a decorative piece of kit. This ARGB fan is finished off with a stunning triple infinity mirror LED effect in the centre and on the frame of the fan offering stunning aesthetics and adds a real dynamism to your gaming PC.

This stylish inner and outer ring fan is available in black or white and with a speed of 1200 RPM and airflow of 32.2 CFM you can keep your system cool with this performance fan. Daisy-chain multiple units via the ARGB fans male and female Aura connectors.

Pair with compatible Motherboard software such as ASUS AURA Sync, MSI Mystic Light Sync, Gigabyte Fusion 2.0 and ASRock RGB LED and customise your 22 LEDs even further with a wide array of vivid effects and patterns.

With excellent attributes, the Lightning fan frame and fan blades are crafted using only the best materials to ensure strength and stability and incorporating hydraulic bearing, extended fan life to 30,000 MTBF.

Made for those seeking a quiet operation and off the scale lighting the Lightning is a fan ready to unite your set up and bring out the best in your PC gaming system.

Key Features
  • Infinity Mirror ARGB Fan - Stand out with the CiT Pro Lightning with a touch of infinity, the circular-shaped infinity mirror at the centre of the fan is created to have multiple layers spaced approximately 0.5mm apart. The multi-layer effect creates a mesmerising LED lighting display.
  • Extra Infinity - Surrounding infinity trims are located on both sides of the frame. The geometric shape of the infinity mirror follows the inner-ring and outer-ring ARGB lighting that creates a 3D indented look.
  • Side Frame ARGB - The CiT Pro lightning is the ultimate ARGB fan the inner and outer ring has four curved LED strips on both sides of the fan blade.
  • ARGB Lighting - The CiT Pro Lightning is made with 22 individually controlled Addressable RGB LEDs spilt into two (16 + 6 - Outer + Inner) to ensure an exceptionally vibrant display of colour.
  • Motherboard Software - The ARGB lighting effects can be synced through the Motherboard which supports ARGB function, 5V 3-Pin Addressable RGB header, including ASUS AURA, MSI Mystic Light, Gigabyte Fusion 2.0 & ASRock. Customise the look with endless possibilities with 16.7 million static modes and 12 pre-set lighting effects.
  • Hydraulic Bearing - The fan is equipped with a long lasting durable hydraulic bearing motor ensures high speed operation, reduces wear, reduces noise and improves service life.
  • Anti-Vibration Pads - Four rubber pads provide the Lightning with extra protection and helps absorb fan vibration and helps to keep the overall noise down to a minimum.
  • Full Compatibility - The connectors included on the Lightning fan allow you to directly connect to a compatible Motherboard or connect to a fan controller with 3pin connections. The daisy-chain cable design allows for fans to be directly connected so it minimises the demand of 3pin ARGB ports on your Motherboard and shortens the cable lengths between the fans to improve cable management.
  • Available In Two Versions - Perfectly match your set up you can choose to install a black or white Halo fan to take your customisation to the next level.

  • Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25mm
  • Fan Frame Colour: White
  • Fan Blades / Colour: 7 / Semi-Transparent White
  • LED Qty / Type: Outer: 16PCs / Inner 6PCs / ARGB
  • Bearing Type: Hydraulic Bearing
  • Fan Speed: 1200 RPM Plus/Minus 10 Percent
  • Max. Air Flow (Max.): 32.2 CFM
  • Max. Static Air Pressure: 1.24mm-H2O
  • Noise Level (Max.): 19.0 dBA
  • Cable Length: 550mm
  • Accessories: Screws
  • Connectors: 3pin (Addressable) AURA Connector / 3pin (Addressable) AURA (Male) Link Connector / 3pin Power Connector
  • Rated Voltage: 12V-13.7V
  • Rated Current (Max.): 0.15A Plus/Minus 0.02
  • Rated Input Power : 1.8W
  • Test Voltage: 12V
  • Start Voltage: 3.5V
  • M.T.B.F: 30,000 Hours

Model:  1007030
Bar Code:  5055492414632
Part Number:  CIT-PRO-LTG-FNW
Brand:  CIT
Colour:  White
LED Colour:  ARGB
Fan Size:  120 mm

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