Powercool Solar 5.12kWh Stackable Lithium Battery

Powercool Solar 5.12kWh Stackable Lithium Battery
 Powercool Solar 5.12kWh Stackable Lithium BatteryPowercool Solar 5.12kWh Stackable Lithium Battery 
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To be matched with a Powercool PCHI-6K10-SL-S 6kw Hybrid Solar InverterAll-In-One Energy Storage System.

The new Powercool Lithium battery is ideal for use as a solaraccumulation system, This 5.12kWh lithium battery module incorporatesan intelligent BMS which effectively manages the module without theneed for extra communication devices.

The battery has a compact, modular design and be connected with 6additional modules in parallel to meet the demands of the application.

Key Features

  • Rated Energy - 5.12kWh Battery Capacity
  • Stackable Battery Technology - Minimum 1 (5.12kWH) - maximum 6(30.72kWH)
  • BMS - Preinstalled BMS with OTA upgrade function for addedefficiency
  • Recyclable - Fully recyclable at end of life
  • Compact Design - Easy installation and maintenance


  • Rated Voltage: 51.2V
  • Rated Capacity: 100Ah
  • Rated Energy: 5.12kWh
  • Operating Voltage: 48V-57.6V
  • Max. Charging Current: 75A
  • Max. Discharge Current: 98A
  • Operating Temperature: -20-58℃
  • Maximum Charging Power: 3.84KW (51.2V * 75A)
  • Maximum Discharge Power: 5.017KW (51.2V * 98A)
  • Core Pack Shipping Capacity: Less Than Or Equal To Charging SOC85 Percent
  • Standard Charging Method: 50A charge to 56.8V maintain 56.8Vuntil reduced to 5A / Note: When the remaining power percentage SOCgreater than or equal to 95 percent, the charging current should beadjusted to a current below 9.5A
  • Maximum Pulse Charge Current: 95A (Within 2 minutes of pulse)
  • Charging Current Limit Protection: 20A - Opening Current: GreaterThan Or Equal To 95A
  • Protection Class: IP66
  • Battery Certification: IEC 62619: 2022 version / EMC / UN38.3 /RoHS 2.0 / VDE 2510-50: 2017 / ISO13849

Model:  PC-5KWH
Bar Code:  5055492414250
Part Number:  PC-5KWH

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