GameMax Ice Blade CPU Cooler With 120mm PWM ARGB Infinity Fan 4 x 6mm Heat Pipes TDP 190W

GameMax Ice Blade CPU Cooler With 120mm PWM ARGB Infinity Fan 4 x 6mm Heat Pipes TDP 190W
GameMax Ice Blade CPU Cooler With 120mm PWM ARGB Infinity Fan 4 x 6mm Heat Pipes TDP 190WGameMax Ice Blade CPU Cooler With 120mm PWM ARGB Infinity Fan 4 x 6mm Heat Pipes TDP 190WGameMax Ice Blade CPU Cooler With 120mm PWM ARGB Infinity Fan 4 x 6mm Heat Pipes TDP 190WGameMax Ice Blade CPU Cooler With 120mm PWM ARGB Infinity Fan 4 x 6mm Heat Pipes TDP 190W
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The Ice Blade Air CPU cooler from GameMax is a compact single-tower CPUcooler with an aluminium heatsink which offers an impressive coolingperformance of 190W TDP and silent operation, the Ice Blade is perfectfor overclocked systems and the most demanding workstations.

The Ice Blade is focused on high performance efficiency, boasting four6-millimeter-thick copper heat-pipes closely fitted between theradiator and CPU, absorbing the heat directly from the processor. Thedesign of the heatsink is made to provide excellent thermaldissipation. Overall, the Ice Blade provides the precise optimal heatdissipation and is paired with a stunning 120mm ARGB PWM fan forpowerful cooling.

The 120mm ARGB fan comes pre-installed to make mounting this CPU coolersimple and easy with PWM functionality and featuring nine fan bladesand a durable smooth hydraulic bearing motor. With an impressiveairflow performance of 52.0 CFM and even with its very good coolingcapacity of 190 Watts TDP, the fan is a quiet one with the maximumnoise level just 33.5dBA for quiet cooling even at top speeds. Finishedoff with a stunning infinity mirror LED effect in the centre of the fanthe Ice Blade offers stunning aesthetics and adds a real dynamism toyour gaming PC.

Pair with compatible Motherboard software such as ASUS AURA Sync, MSIMystic Light Sync, Gigabyte Fusion 2.0 and ASRock RGB LED and customiseyour LED lighting even further with a wide array of vivid effects andpatterns.

The aluminium top cover with the GameMax brand logo stamped on adds asleek and stylish look and constructed from premium materials, thesmart look of the Ice Blade unlocks your thermal power that is perfectfor your gaming set up.

The Ice Blade is compatible with a range of both intel and AMDprocessors.

Key Features

  • Impressive Cooling Power - The Ice Blade is a high-performanceair CPU cooler providing an impressive cooling of 190W TDP and with nocompromise on silence or performance for overclocked systems and themost demanding graphics applications. Efficiently dissipating 190W ofheat achieves low temperatures even when the CPU is at the top of itsgame.
  • 120mm ARGB Dual-Ring PWM Infinity CPU Fan - Exhausting the heatfrom this unit is a 120mm PWM ARGB fan which is equipped with ahydraulic bearing, this fan has great longevity and ensures high speedoperation and quieter performance overall. It operates between 800 and1600RPM, with a maximum airflow of 52.0CFM. Whats more, the maximumnoise level is just 33.5dBA, for quieter cooling even at top speeds.
  • Stunning Aesthetics - Stand out thanks to mesmerising infinitymirror LED ring effect on the fans you will not be able to take youreyes off it.
  • Motherboard Software - The ARGB lighting effects can be syncedthrough the Motherboard which supports ARGB function, 5V 3-PinAddressable RGB header, including ASUS AURA, MSI Mystic Light, GigabyteFusion 2.0 & ASRock. Customise the look with endless possibilitieswith 16.7 million static modes and 12 pre-set lighting effects.
  • Anti-Vibration Pads - The 120mm cooling fan is equipped with fouranti-vibration pads that effectively reduce the vibration and noisegenerated by the radiator during operation.
  • 4 x 6mm Heat Pipes - Including 4 x 6mm direct contact heat pipesmade of copper to accelerate the heat conduction through the entireheat pipes. This guarantees heat to be transferred quickly andefficiently throughout the aluminium heatsink.
  • Aluminium Heatsink - The heatsink is made using 40 pieces ofaluminium fins and featuring precision-spaced fins with a curved designensures minimum airflow resistance and with excellent ventilation andheat conduction this allows a high volume of cool air to flow throughthe heatsink.
  • Intel Compatibility - Capable of handling intel high-end CPUs(Intel 13th Gen) Intel Socket LGA1151, 1155, 1156, Intel LGA1200 /Intel LGA1700.
  • AMD Compatibility - Capable of handling AMD high-end CPUs (AM5)AMD Socket AM2 / AM3 / AM4 / AM5.


  • Heat Pipes: 4 x 6mm Heat Pipe
  • Fins: 40 Aluminium Fins
  • TDP: 190W
  • CPU Block Material: Aluminium and Copper
  • CPU Block Width (mm): 120mm
  • CPU Block Height (mm): 155mm
  • CPU Block Depth (mm): 47mm

  • Fan Outer Colour / Blade Colour: Black / Semi Transparent White
  • Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25mm
  • LED Colour: ARGB
  • Fan Powered Via: 4pin PWM
  • LED Powered Via: 3pin AURA
  • Speed: 800-1600 RPM (PWM) Plus/Minus 10 Percent
  • Fan Bearing Type: Hydraulic Bearing
  • Start Voltage: Less-Than 6.5V
  • Rated Voltage: 12V (Fan) / 5V (LED)
  • Operating Voltage: 6-13.2 VDC
  • Rated Current: 0.19A (Fan) / 0.3A (LED)
  • Airflow: 52 CFM (Max.)
  • Max. Static Pressure: 1.65mm-H2O (Max.)
  • Noise: 33.5dBA (Max.)
  • Power Input: 3W
  • M.T.B.F: 40,000 Hours At 25 Degree Celsius
  • AMD Compatibility: AM2/AM3/AM4 / AM5
  • Intel Compatibility: LGA115X / LGA1200 / LGA1700

Model:  1006934
Bar Code:  6931858724111
Part Number:  GMX-ICEBLADE
CPU Supported:  AMD&Intel
LED Colour:  ARGB

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