CIT Orion Mesh Gaming Mid ATX PC Case Tempered Glass Panel 4x Dual Ring LED Fan

CIT Orion Mesh Gaming Mid ATX PC Case Tempered Glass Panel 4x Dual Ring LED Fan
CIT Orion Mesh Gaming Mid ATX PC Case Tempered Glass Panel 4x Dual Ring LED FanCIT Orion Mesh Gaming Mid ATX PC Case Tempered Glass Panel 4x Dual Ring LED FanCIT Orion Mesh Gaming Mid ATX PC Case Tempered Glass Panel 4x Dual Ring LED Fan
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The CiT Orion is a serious,good-looking bit of kit. An ATX chassis designed with both style andpurpose, it hits all the boxes for a powerful gaming rig withoutbreaking the bank.

Sporting a mesh front panel, the CiT Orion allows for large volumes ofair to pass through unrestricted. Enhancing the airflow even further itfeatures 4 bundled CiT Celsius Fans to cool even the most demandingrigs. The air intake can be maximised even further with120mm/240mm/360mm AIO solutions & with the possibility to mountadditional fans at the top or PSU shroud.

Making the Orion stand out from the pack is the smooth, streamlinedfront design the curved edges around the front add style on top ofthe sheer functionality the mesh and fans already provide.

Helping to make the Orion stand out even further, 4 CiT CelsiusInfinity 120mm ARGB Dual-Ring Black Fans add a touch of infinity, thecircular-shaped infinity mirrors at the centre of the fans create amesmerising LED lighting display with their multi-layer effect. Theynot only look fantastic but also ensure all components are catered forwhen it comes to keeping temperatures balanced & conditionsoptimised for a peak performance.

Moving onto the top of the case the I/O panel provides USB3.0 andUSB2.0 connections & inside is a PWM ARGB hub with LED lightingcontrols with access to approximately 365 LED modes or 16.8 millioncolours using a compatible addressable RGB MB.

Measuring 43.6cm in height, the all-black interior & full PSUshroud add to the sleek and unobtrusive look. It can fit a graphicscard up to 34cm & behind the MB & PSU shroud up to 4 x 2.5 / 2x 3.5 drives. Top & bottom removable dust filters help keep yourrig clean, with room in the shroud for an ATX PSU up to 200mm withcables easily hidden from view.

If you want an impressive looking, well-cooled and versatile GamingRig, look no further than the CiT Orion, carrying some serious power,creating a stunning look and functional Gaming PC.

Key Features

  • Mesh ATX Gaming Case - The CiT Orion is a bold and sophisticatedgaming case finished in all black with a mesh front panel which allowsair to flow into the case easily without obstruction combining a superairflow performance with dust filtration, making this stylish chassisideal for any gaming room.
  • Four CiT Celsius Infinity 120mm ARGB Dual-Ring Black Fans Bundled- The CiT Orion comes bundled with 4 x CiT Celsius Infinity 120mm ARGBDual-Ring Black Fans - As a PWM fan (Pulse-Width Modulation) itsrotation speed can be user controlled by connecting the fan to acompatible motherboard or fan controller. As a result users can choosewhether they want the fan to run quietly or have enhanced airflow. WithDual-Ring and the circular-shaped, multi-layer Infinity Mirror Design,the Infinity fans add a mesmerising LED lighting display to the Orion.Please note the fans are included inside the box only and will need tobe installed.
  • Fan Controller Included - A PWM hub is included inside the Orionwhich allows you to add up to 6 case fans and is powered directly fromyour power supply via SATA. You can access it using the LED button andit's connected to the Motherboard using a single cable - you can setupwithout any additional cables.
  • PWM Fan Control - The hub can be connected to the CPU faninterface on your chosen Motherboard to access temperature readings. Anincreased CPU temperature increases the fan speed automatically andswiftly cools the system down. Conversely when the CPU temperaturedecreases the fan automatically slows reducing the overall noise.
  • Motherboard Software - The ARGB lighting effects can be syncedthrough the Motherboard which supports ARGB function, 5V 3-PinAddressable RGB header, including ASUS AURA, MSI Mystic Light, GigabyteFusion 2.0 & ASRock. Customise the look with endless possibilitieswith 16.7 million static modes and 12 pre-set lighting effects.
  • Tempered Glass Panel - The solid tempered glass side panel offersan excellent view of the interior specifically of the Motherboard &Graphics Card.
  • Available In Two Colours - The CiT Orion is available in twocolours, black or white. This model of the Orion is the black, theperfect backdrop for high-end hardware and ARGB lighting.
  • PSU Shroud - To keep the interior looking neat and tidy the Orionhas a dedicated PSU Shroud that is made with solid steel panelling thatperfectly covers the cables, showcases the PSU specs and contains ahard drive mount. The hard drive cage holds up to 2 x 2.5 SSDs and/or2 x 3.5 HDDs (2 x 2.5" bays share the 2 x 3.5" bays, and 2 x Extra2.5 SSDs slots are also available). This shroud can hold powersupplies up to 200mm long.
  • ATX Housing - ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX Motherboards arecompatible and graphics cards up to 340mm in length and CPU coolers upto 165mm in height are supported - there is adequate space formainstream hardware to build a high-powered PC Gaming case.


  • Chassis Dimensions (Excluding Fascia / Panels): (W) 219 x (H) 436x (D) 353mm
  • Water Cooling Support:
  • Front Supported Radiator(s): 120mm or 240mm - 360mm is supportedup to 395mm in length dependant on design
  • Known Supported 360mm Front Radiators:: CiT Pro GlacierWatercooler 360mm ARGB Infinity
  • Top Supported Radiator(s): 120mm or 240mm
  • Rear Supported Radiator(s): 120mm
  • Fan Controller Support:
  • Fan Controller Included: Yes
  • Fan Controller Power Via: SATA
  • LED Controller: Yes
  • Fan Power Connector: 4pin Fan Connector
  • LED Power Connector: 3pin Aura
  • Fan Control Via: LED Button / MB Sync
  • Supported Qty Of Fans (Max.): 6
  • Supported Qty Of LEDs (Max.): 6
  • Additional Chassis Specifications:
  • PSU Max. Length: 200mm
  • CiT Celsius ARGB Dual-Ring Infinity Fan Specification:
  • Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25mm
  • Fan Frame Colour: Black
  • Fan Blades / Colour: 9 / Semi-Transparent White
  • LED Qty / Type: 21 / ARGB
  • Bearing Type: Hydraulic Bearing
  • Fan Speed: PWM 800 - 1500 RPM
  • Max. Airflow: 30.46 CFM
  • Max. Static Air Pressure: 0.99mm-H2O
  • Noise Level (Max.): 15.98 dBA
  • Cable Length: 550mm
  • Accessories: Screws
  • Connectors: SATA, 4pin Male Fan connector, 4pin female fanconnector (passthrough), 3pin male AURA, 3pin female AURA (passthrough)
  • Rated Voltage: 12V
  • Rated Current (Max.): 0.1A
  • Rated Input Power: 1.2W
  • Test Voltage: 12V
  • Start Voltage: 3.5V
  • M.T.B.F: 30,000 Hours

Model:  1006945
Bar Code:  5055492414373
Part Number:  CIT-ORION-B
Brand:  CIT
Form Factor:  Mid ATX
Colour:  Black
LED Colour:  ARGB
Max. Motherboard Size:  ATX
Supported PSU Size:  ATX
Build-in Card Reader:  None
Build-in PSU:  None

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